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Does Your Restroom Grout Sparkle ?

“Maintaining tile and grout at a high appearance level, is an impossible task for facility management.”

Weary of soiled unmanageable bathrooms that never stay clean? The cleanliness and appearance of grout influence everyone that sees it. Does the worn and stained grout present the precise impression of your facility you desire, or does it share a different story?

No matter which way you view it, grout and tile are two separate wear surfaces and therefore handle traffic and dirt differently. Instead of your staff pulling their hair out trying to keep both surfaces clean, how much relief would it give to have one uniform wear layer your facility could easily maintain for years and years?

Traditionally, grout and tile have been a nightmare for maintenance. Dingy, dirty, disgusting. The feeling of bright and cheery with bathroom grout has never been truly attainable.

Until now.

ServiceMaster Clean has the answers with a break-through chemistry technology known as NEVERSTRIP, that chemically and mechanically restores grout color back to its original splendor...

But it doesn’t stop with mere grout restoration. After all, that would only put you back in the same position in a mere matter of months. NEVERSTRIP includes a single wall-to-wall top-coat wear layer over the grout and tile that takes your protection to the next level. Behold the revolutionary floor coating system that your facility staff will be RAVING about. From grout to ceramic floor restorationg in Chicago, we have you covered!

Choose from multiple levels of sheens from high to matte finishes, so you can find a solution that not only looks fantastic, but which accurately reflects your facility image.

Sound too good to be true?

ServiceMaster Clean wants your worst challenge….

NEVERSTRIP is the solution that fully and completely restores grout color back to its original brilliance and saves you fistfuls of dollars while doing so. Not only will the beauty of your new floors draw praise from your staff, but visitors and employees will instantly notice the “Cleaner, Brighter”appearance. In the human mind, clean equals sanitary, so sparkling grout can offer more benefits than meet the eye including increased moral and a portrayed sharper image.  And there are no hidden “Maintenance package requirements. After the restoration, ServiceMaster Clean walks away from the floor, putting it back into your capable hands. Don’t take our word for it though…. Put ServiceMaster Clean to the test. Find the worst bathroom floor you have in your facility, and do a side by side comparison over a three, six or twelve month period, and find out for yourself why you don’t have to settle for dingy grout ever again!

ServiceMaster Clean offers local ceramic floor cleaning in Chicago plus MORE! Contact us today!

Call us at 708-333-1890 for a FREE DEMONSTRATION!

Don’t replace…rejuvenate with ServiceMaster Clean!!

 Services | SVM Cleaning Solutions | ceramic floor restoration in Chicago


  Services | SVM Cleaning Solutions | floor cleaning in Chicago


Services | SVM Cleaning Solutions | floor cleaning in Chicago


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