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Inspection Process Overview

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The Quality Assurance/Control Programs are an important part of all support services in the ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions program. They are a scheduled set of inspections designed to ensure that acceptable levels of performances are reached and then maintained. They take the form of the following:

  1. Daily Visual Inspections - Each facility will be inspected by the cleaning staff on a daily basis to ensure that quality service is delivered.
  2. Weekly Visual Inspections - The Account Supervisor and Area Manager use a form to document all inspections, including deficient areas and promptness of correction.
  3. Monthly Inspections - They accompany the ServiceMaster Commercial Cleaning Account Manager or Customer Service Manager on an inspection of selected parts of the facility. At the same time, the inspection serves to reinforce the service partner working in that area to continue doing a good job.
  4. Account Review- This communication is held quarterly with members of the Customer's team and the ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions management team either in person, by phone or through email - which ever is preferred by the customer. This allows a review of the past month, current month and next month's objectives, and serves as a forum for exchanging ideas and establishing priorities.
  5. Customer Surveys - The Quality Assessment Survey is designed to take a public opinion poll that reflects the perceived level of quality to the support service worker and that their work is appreciated by the customer.

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