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Switch to green cleaning—it’s easy!

Switch to green cleaning it's easy!

ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions knows you’re busy and respects your time. That’s why we make switch to green cleaning as easy as making one phone call. Then it’s business as usual for you.

Green cleaning is just as effective as traditional cleaning so there won’t be any disruptions to your working atmosphere. All other aspects of your cleaning service relationship will remain the same, even though you’re helping to better your immediate work environment, your employee health and your world.

Environmental stewardship—it’s one of our core principles!

Because ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions has always been dedicated to environmental stewardship and to doing business the right way, we have been spending years developing green cleaning technologies and methods.

Gentle, yet highly effective, our Green For ® products are advanced green cleaning solutions that reduce toxins and contaminants absorbed into our ecosystem. They’re ideal for people with asthma, chemical and allergic sensitivities and for our planet.

Because we take environmental stewardship seriously, ServiceMaster Clean Green cleaning products are certified by the leading auditing organizations, including Environmental Choice, and Green Seal™.

ServiceMaster Cleaning Solutions—innovative leader

We are still constantly innovating, finding new ways to improve cleaning methods and discovering ways to benefit your business and your employees. We will soon be introducing a capture and removal cleaning system that will reduce particulate emissions dramatically. Where other dusting systems simply swirl and circulate dust back into the workplace, our system will actually remove it, leaving your air quality and working conditions improved.

Switch to green cleaning isn’t just easy on your people and the environment—it’s easy on you.

This cleaning service meets the criteria of the Green Seal™ Environmental Standard for Cleaning Services for reduced toxicity, waste and exposure.

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