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ServiceMaster's NeverStrip Ultra Durable Floor Finish

Glosstek | SVM Cleaning Solutions | Neverstrip Chicago

ServiceMaster's Neverstrip is high performance hard surface floor coating in Chicago that delivers a durable, long-lasting shine. These products utilize waterbased urethane technologies to produce a high gloss, non-yellowing clear coating for virtually all resilient and non-resilient floors. NeverStrip provides benefits in the following ways:

  1. Reduced Costs - No burnishing, buffing or spray buffing. NeverStrip’s superior durability eliminates the need for frequent and disruptive procedures associated with conventional finishes. Highly resistant to scuffs, spills, asphalt walk off from parking lots, ice melts, salt, and much more.
  2. Reduces re-application - Virtually maintenance-free, NeverStrip in Chicago dramatically reduces scrub and recoat frequency. Superb chemical, abrasion, stain and UV resistance (does not yellow).
  3. Sustainable and Green- NeverStrip in Chicago is eligible for one Leed Credit.
  4. Eliminates Stripping - With proper floor preparation and maintenance, this coating will not need to be stripped.
  5. Increased Operational Efficiencies with Minimal disruption - NeverStrip’s superior life span and low maintenance eliminates the disruptions associated with burnishing and frequent recoating, as well as the downtime and wet floors that are associated with stripping and recoating.
  6. Improved Floor Appearance - Better looking hard surface floor coating in Chicago, all the time. NeverStrip "evens out" the never-ending floor appearance cycle by providing a long lasting, like-new finish that lasts much longer than conventional finishes (see graph below).



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