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In Touch With You

Doing Business the Right Way - Putting People First

Communication is the cornerstone of service excellence. As a ServiceMaster Clean franchise, we promote active communication within our own company and with our clients, encouraging a degree of responsiveness unparalleled in the industry.

  • Our customer service representatives, managers, supervisors and specialists are dedicated to providing a prompt and effective response to your questions and request.
  • On-site Communication Log books provide ongoing documentation of your task schedule, periodic work sheets, Safety Data Sheets and requests.
  • Customercare@svmcleaningsolutions.com
  • offers the of our on-line communication process.Through this valuable tool, we monitor your buildings request and respond back with our Six Step Solve it Process within 30 minutes.
  1. We listen and log
  2. Show Empathy- Try to see it through the clients eyes
  3. Assure and Own- We don't make excuses and handle it quickly
  4. We agree on a solution
  5. We confirm who, what, where and when
  6. Close the loop- We confirm the resolution and measure satisfaction
  • Ongoing employee training incorporates the most advanced cleaning processes, products and equipment. Our training methods themselves are also under constant development to take advantage of the latest innovations.
  • Regular inspections provide constant feed back to our employees about the quality of their work.
  • Employees are encouraged to suggest ways in which our performance can be enhanced
  • The entire ServiceMaster Clean network fosters an environment of open and frequent communication so we can provide the responsive service you deserve

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